Find the optimal strategy for your products and brands on marketplaces.


Why work with the experts ?

Online sales on marketplaces have become complex, requiring specialized expertise to succeed. DigiGOAT is an all-in-one solution for brands seeking to optimize their presence on marketplaces.

Strategy based on market analysis

DigiGOAT encourages its customers to understand their market in order to better operate it. This involves observing the most performant players in their field, integrating best practices and even surpassing them. Analysis of competitors and third-party resellers enables brands to adjust to trends and identify opportunities. Strategy is shaped according to each brand's presence on marketplaces, guaranteeing an optimized action plan to achieve their objectives.

Sales and marketing strategy

DigiGOAT's experts are well versed in the complex mechanisms of commercial dynamics on marketplaces. They work closely with brands to develop tailor-made strategies, including the management of flows linked to commercial operations and the creation of advertising campaigns such as Amazon Ads. Ongoing analysis of sales and promotional operations helps identify growth opportunities, providing essential information for optimizing performance on these platforms.

Complete Marketplace Management

Our offer encompasses account creation, rapid integration, product categorization, feed management and much more. We understand that every detail counts to maximize visibility and performance on marketplaces, and we offer comprehensive support to achieve this goal.

Personalized support

At DigiGOAT, our approach is customer-centric. Each brand is assigned a dedicated Account Manager, offering operational support and serving as an essential liaison between the brand and the marketplaces. Visibility campaigns, including Sponsored Ads, are implemented to maximize sales. The experience of DigiGOAT's team of experts, combined with comprehensive analyses and in-depth audits, guarantees continuous optimization of performance on marketplaces, while enabling brands to stand out in a constantly evolving market.

Expertise in Product Data Management

The DigiGOAT team excels in product data management, helping brands to create and enhance their product sheet content. This includes SEO copywriting of titles and descriptions, creation of rich marketing content such as A+ and HTML, and rapid publication of new products. They support the analysis of error files and guarantee meticulous control of publication, ensuring high-quality product sheets and an optimal user experience.

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